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Items Needed
Pages for Children, Inc. wants to bring a smile to the faces of any child and teen that has to spend any time in the hospital!
By giving to this program, you can help bring a smile to the faces of sick children and teens all across the United States.
  • Coloring Books* - Reading Books New or Gently UsedAppropriate for kids 18under
  • Drawing set - Drawing paper pads
  • 24 pack Crayons* - Pencils*
  • Puzzle Books*
  • Various Holiday Cards, Birthday Cards, Thinking of You Cards Appropriate for kids 18under
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First News Broadcast
First News Broadcast

We all know that staying in hospital is never fun, but thousands of children and teens often have no choice. Some children are there for an illness with no known cure, or if there is a cure, it is sometimes worse than the illness itself. Some children are there for other reasons: surgeries, broken bones, severe colds, etc. Regardless of why these children are in the hospital, most children do not enjoy being confined to one room or bed all day. While we can't prevent these children from having to stay in the hospital, we can make that stay a more positive and a less boring experience.
Pages for Children, Inc. sends age appropriate books, birthday cards and time appropriate holiday cards (each with a personal message inside), as well as other various items. We would love to hand deliver each gift, but due to strict privacy policies at these hospitals, we are unable to. We have to let the nurses represent Pages for Children, Inc. on our behalf.
Other organizations, which provide gifts and cards to hospitalized children, simply provide contact information for specific children. However, Pages for Children does the hard work for you. We locate the hospitalized children, compile the gifts, and send them out to the various hospitals, so that they can be distributed to the children in need.
The children and teens that Pages for Children, Inc. help need all the special attention they can get. Sadly, many of them may never recover from their illness. While this program cannot improve their physical health, it can bring smiles to their faces, and everyone knows a happy child is always a healthier child. These children need to know that they are loved and are NOT alone! We're hoping you will help us send this very important message to them.
By donating to Pages for Children, Inc. - whether it's books, cards, pencils, crayons, or money - YOU are "Putting A Little Hope in a Little Hand, One Page At A Time!" If you are unsure of what to donate, please go see How You Can Help. You can help let these children and teens know they are loved and truly special.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for children while they are hospitalized for any reason, for any length of time, by sending them books and other related items in the hopes of letting them know they are loved and being thought about during this trying time in their lives.

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